A National Study on Canadian Registered Massage Therapists’ Experiences of Sexual Harassment and Assault by Clients

The purpose of this study is to investigate Canadian registered massage therapists’ experiences
of sexual harassment and assault by clients on a national scale. The intent is to survey 1600 Canadian registered massage therapists about whether they have been subjected to sexual violence by a
client and about the nature of those incidents. This sample will represent approximately 10%
of all registered massage therapists in Canada.

The primary objectives of this study will be to:
1. Assess rates of sexual harassment and assault by clients during provision of services
among Canadian RMTs;
2. Determine the extent to which Canadian RMTs experience concerns or fear regarding the
possibility of being subjected to some form of sexual harassment or assault by a client;
3. Characterize client behaviour and responses in these contexts;
4. Generate estimates of the extent to which incidents were reported or disclosed to others,
as well as perceived safeguards and risk factors for sexual harassment and assault; and,
5. Understand in greater detail the responses and practices Canadian RMTs have had
regarding these experiences of sexual harassment and assault and, in particular, the
personal and professional consequences of these events.