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Committed to the Advancement of Massage Therapy Health Care for Canadians

Our Mission, Vision and Values
Massage therapy shouldn’t play by a different set of rules

Massage therapy shouldn’t play by a different set of rules

Massage Therapists are qualified, educated, and moving towards regulation in many provinces. Their practice greatly benefits the healthcare outcomes of their patients.

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The CMTA is pleased to consult with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, the Canadian Health Care and Anti-fraud Association and individual Insurance Companies on issues of mutual concern.

Only massage therapy associations who respect the highest standards of education, training and on-going professional development can be considered for membership in the CMTA.

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CMTA supports high educational standards for Massage Therapists.

Research and evidence informed practice is the cornerstone of education and training for MTs in Canada and is an integral component in massage therapy treatment plans for Canadian Patients.

The CMTA is a supportive network for innovation and knowledge transfer of contemporary research in massage therapy.

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The CMTA believes that it is in the best interest of patients and the profession that all provinces and territories regulate Massage Therapists under their Health Professions Act.

The CMTA encourages and supports those non-regulated jurisdictions to seek regulation that meet the requirement set out by the National Agreement on Internal Trade.

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