About The CMTA

The CMTA is a nationwide alliance composed of provincial professional associations to provide a forum for collaboration to advance massage therapy as a health care profession in Canada.

Officially constituted in 1991, the CMTA works co-cooperatively to promote massage therapy as a component of the Canadian health care system, and to ensure the highest standards in providing massage therapy to the public.


  • Promoting the science, art and philosophy of massage therapy nationwide;
  • Representing the membership before governmental and regulatory bodies concerned with massage therapy;
  • Fostering and encouraging professional growth and continuing education among its members;
  • Promoting high standards of practice in Canada;
  • Promoting high standards of education for students of massage therapy;
  • Providing a method of communication between members in order to share experience and information, particularly in regard to political and educational opportunities;
  • Promoting knowledge transfer of research and evidenced informed practice among its’ membership;
  • Assisting non-regulated provinces become regulated
  • Presenting a National Voice for Registered Massage Therapy in Canada.


address: c/o 22-1738 Quebec Ave
Saskatoon SK S7K 1V9
phone:(306) 384-7077